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Frequently asked questions

1) How long is the recipe and voucher valid?

Prescriptions are valid for 14 calendar days starting from the day following the day of issuance, unless otherwise specified by the prescribing physician.

A recipe issued on standby is valid the day after it is issued.

The voucher is valid for 30 days, including the date of issue.

2) Is there a difference between a paper recipe and an e-recipe?

The e-recipe contains a twelve-digit alphanumeric code that identifies the specific e-recipe in the Central Store. This means that the patient only needs a written code, SMS, printed e-mail or QR code.

The prescription must be the original from the doctor with a stamp and signature.

3) Can my doctor still issue me a prescription? 

A doctor may issue a prescription only in exceptional cases in accordance with Decree No. 415/2017 Coll.

4) Is it necessary to pick up the recipe at the place of residence?

No, the prescription can be picked up at any pharmacy in the Czech Republic.

5) I did not have time to pick up the medication prescribed for the prescription during its validity…

If the prescription has expired, medication cannot be dispensed with.

6) Can I exchange or return medicines at the pharmacy?

No. If the medicine leaves the pharmacy, the pharmacist can no longer guarantee its quality. It can only be taken away by the pharmacy for disposal.

7) The pharmacy does not have the medicinal product prescribed by my doctor…

There are currently a huge number of products for individual diagnoses on the market. Due to limited storage options, not all of them can be in stock. In the event that the required (commonly available) medicinal product is not available, we are able to provide it within 24 hours.

8) Where can I hand in expired medications?

These medicines can be handed in at pharmacies, which take care of their safe disposal. All pharmacies provide this service free of charge. This precaution does not apply to infectious waste (used syringes and needles).

9) Why don't you mix the individual preparation of the medicinal product (eg ointment, drops,…) with the so-called "waiting"?

Our colleagues prepare these specialties in separate laboratories for patients from all three dispensaries and for the hospital department, so it is necessary to count on a period of at least 24 hours.

10) Can I bring used needles and syringes to your pharmacy?

No. Injectable forms of medicinal products for disposal must be stored in containers designed for this purpose (can be purchased at a pharmacy). Return filled and closed containers to the doctor's office who prescribed the medication to you.

This is infectious waste, which pharmacies are not allowed to take from patients according to the instructions of the City of Prague.

11) How can the doctor give me the e-prescription identifier?

There are 4 ways:

  1. printed so-called e-recipe guide,
  2. sending the identifier via e-mail,
  3. sending the e-recipe identifier via SMS,
  4. use of a web or mobile application.

12) Is it possible to read unissued / unfinished regulations using the OP number or passport number?

Yes, from 1 June 2020, you can find out if you have unissued prescriptions at the pharmacy using an identity card or passport and implement these prescriptions at the pharmacy.

13) Is it already possible to view the shared drug record?

Yes, from 1 June 2020. The patient's drug record is basically a record of all issued or issued eReceptions to a specific identified patient.