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Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common diseases of civilization and can occur at any age. It most often affects the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. It has various causes (lack of exercise, sedentary work, poor posture, overweight) and is associated with a number of other manifestations (muscle pain, muscle tension and stiffness, joint pain). In addition to regimen measures, which include appropriate exercise, physiotherapy, massage and more, suitable over-the-counter products can be used to a limited extent and in the short term.

Recommended active substances:

  • ibuprofen, diclofenac (the most commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs),
  • paracetamol (+ in combination with caffeine, propyphenazone, guaifenesin - can be used directly for pain),
  • guaifenesin (to relax muscles when stiffened).

The preparations can be selected not only according to the active substance but also the dosage form. Back pain can be very well controlled by topical drugs (gels, ointments, patches).