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Accessibility statement

The official website of the pharmacy of the General University Hospital in Prague is created with regard to maximum accessibility to their contents not only for people with disabilities. Their goal is to enable all users the simplest possible access to information, easy handling and clarity.

The form of published information is in accordance with Decree No. 64/2008 Coll., On the form of publishing information related to the performance of public administration via websites for persons with disabilities (Decree on Accessibility), and meets all the rules of the Methodological Instruction to Act No. 99. / 2019 Coll., On accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

The form is also in accordance with according to the methodology of Blind friendly web.

Some information is available on the website in a form other than text or hypertext. Links to them are highlighted in the text and point out other content of the target link.

Documents can come in the following formats:

PDF - Adobe Format must be installed for this format, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe Systems, Inc. website.

MS Word (doc, docx) - for this format it is necessary to have MS Word installed.

MS Excel (xls / xlsx) - for this format it is necessary to have MS Excel installed.

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