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The most important measures and treatment options (together with appropriate medicines and methods of administration) for the most common diseases (colds, rhinitis, inflammation of the urinary tract…) and symptoms (indigestion, allergies, back pain and many others, jsou) are listed in the individual thematic areas. , which in many cases you can treat with pharmacists or a doctor using freely available products in our pharmacies.

Always read the package leaflets of medicines and food supplements carefully, and in case of doubt, doubt or worsening or persistence of the disease, contact a healthcare professional.


Pain always signals a disease or health problem. Therefore, it is not appropriate to underestimate and ignore any pain. If your stomach hurts, you feel pain behind the sternum or in the nape of the neck / back of the head, which is long-lasting, worsening or recurring, it is necessary to contact a doctor or call an ambulance.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Mothers at these stages of life must carefully consider and consult on any medications and supplements they are going to take. This is because they can significantly damage the fetus or infant if the treatment is chosen inappropriately. Many drugs cross the placenta or pass into breast milk


Digestive problems are a common reason to visit a pharmacy or doctor. During their lifetime, they affect everyone, albeit in a mild form. These are usually functional disorders of the digestive tract. These problems arise due to changes in diet and environment or certain medications.


It is a seasonal viral disease. Characteristic manifestations include fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, back pain. Treatment consists of alleviating the symptoms of the disease. Adequate fluid intake is important, as well as bed rest.


It is characterized as an inappropriate response of the immune system to substances (allergens) that we commonly encounter in our environment. The most common causes of allergies include pollens, mites, animals, drugs, food, mold, etc.

Urinary tract

The most common problem in the pharmacy is a urinary tract infection. In addition to the regime measures (drinking regime, hygiene, etc.), in the initial stage (burning during urination, compulsion to urinate) it is possible to help preventively with over-the-counter products.