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Organizational structure

The hospital pharmacy with specialist workplaces is part of the General University Hospital in Prague. At present, the total number of employees is approaching 140.

The organizational structure of the pharmacy consists of the following workplaces:

Pharmacy management

Chief pharmacist
PharmDr. Michal Janů, Ph.D.
Tel .: +420 224 963 293, +420 224 963 251

Secretariat of the Chief Pharmacist and Pharmacy
Ivana Kadlecová
Tel .: +420 224 962 106

Deputy Chief Pharmacist
Mgr. Barbora Smekalová
Tel .: +420 224 967 674

Senior Pharmaceutical Assistant
Mgr. Lucie Dvořáková
Tel .: +420 224 963 283

Pharmacy economist
Ing. Miroslav Dvorak
Tel .: +420 224 963 278


Public Issue Department (I, II, III)

It mainly provides dispensing of medicinal products for prescriptions, dispensing of medical devices on vouchers, free sale (medicinal products, medical devices and additional pharmaceutical assortment). Provides emergency imports of unregistered medicinal products.

Public Dispensing Department I (OVV I)

At the Hospital 2
Head of OVV Department I: Mgr. Kamila Bažantová, phone: +420 224962046
Departmental pharmaceutical assistant: Daniela Černá, tel .: +420 224963290

Public Issue Department II (OVV II)

To Charles 6
Head of OVV II: Mgr. Iveta Muziková, tel .: +420 224 967 108 or +420 224967609

Public Issue Department III (OVV III)

Charles Square 32
Head of OVV III: PharmDr. Dana Syrová, tel .: +420 224 966 703
Departmental Pharmaceutical Assistant: Iveta Veberová, tel .: +420 224 966 701


Department of preparation of sterile drugs

Provides preparation of eye drops, parenteral nutrition (type ALL-IN-ONE), infusions and injections. The preparation takes place in classroom clean rooms by trained professional staff under strictly aseptic conditions. The premises and the preparation process undergo regular validation and inspection to ensure the highest quality sterile or pyrogen-free product.

Department of Sterile Drug Preparation (OPSL)

Faust House, Charles Square 40
Head of OPSL Department: PharmDr. Kristýna Sojková, phone: +420 224 963 254
Departmental Pharmaceutical Assistant: Svatava Doležalová, tel .: +420 224 963 254


Department for dispensing infusion solutions

Provides clinics and hospital departments with infusion solutions.

Department of Dispensing Solutions for Infusion (OVIR)

Charles Square 36
Head of the OVIR department: PharmDr. Michal Janů, Ph.D.
Departmental Pharmaceutical Assistant: Terezie Benáčková, tel .: +420 224 962 136


Department of Drug Preparation

Provides preparation of individually prepared medicinal products and mass preparation of medicinal products in batches.

Department of Drug Preparation (OPL)

Faust House, Charles Square 40
Head of the OPL department: Mgr. Marie Korousová, phone: +420 224963234
Departmental Pharmaceutical Assistant: Jarmila Kubrová: tel .: +420 224963236


Department of preparation of cytostatics

Provides preparation of cytostatic drugs and monoclonal antibodies in the form of infusions or injections. The preparation takes place in special insulators, which ensures the highest purity class and prevents the leakage of cytotoxic substances into the space. Medicines are prepared individually tailored to each individual patient. At the same time, the department is involved in a number of clinical studies.

Department of Cytostatics Preparation (OPC)

Charles Square 32
Head of OPC department: PharmDr. Libor Jakeš, phone: +420 224 966 288
Departmental Pharmaceutical Assistant: Naděžda Sedláčková, tel .: +420 224 966 290


HVLP Department (DAK workplace)

It mainly supplies inpatient departments of the General Hospital and, to a lesser extent, outpatient clinics, as well as several smaller medical facilities in Prague. They provide drugs for emergency imports and participate in clinical trials.

Department of Mass-produced Medicinal Products (OHVLP)

To Charles 2
Head of OHVLP department: Mgr. Barbora Smekalová, phone: +420 224 967 674
Departmental Pharmaceutical Assistant: Karolína Topinková, tel .: +420 224 967 675


Department of control and preparation of diagnostics

It prepares researchers for some departments of the General Hospital and external customers and performs inter-operational and output control of individually prepared medicinal products (ie mainly stock products prepared in a pharmacy in larger quantities).

Department of Inspection and Preparation of Diagnostics (OKPD)

Faust House, Charles Square 40
Head of OKPD department: PharmDr. Jana Šilerová, MBA, tel .: +420 224 963 284
Departmental Pharmaceutical Assistant: Milena Poláčková, tel .: +420 224 963 285