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Wet cough

The cough is wet a productive, slimy cough with a feeling of gurgling and the need to cough.

Recommended regime measures:

  • increase fluid intake for easier mucus production,
  • use bronchial teas, plantain syrup, herbal lozenges (Icelandic lichen, plantain),
  • give medicines to facilitate coughing.

Treatment in adults

Take products containing the following active substances:

  • ambroxol,
  • bromhexine,
  • acetylcysteine,
  • guaifenesin (affects attention).

Treatment in children

Give your child medicines that contain:

  • ambroxol,
  • bromhexine (12 mg / ml from 2 years of age),
  • acetylcysteine (100 mg in tablets from 2 years of age).