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Individual preparation

The hospital pharmacy VFN has extensive individual training. Our portfolio includes a wide range of raw materials and excipients. We prepare common and technologically demanding dosage forms (including sterile forms for parenteral administration) on the basis of prescriptions from all dispensing departments for the public
in the shortest possible time. You can find more detailed information about the preparation at the individual dispensing departments.

The service is provided by the following workplaces:

Drug preparation department

We prepare a wide range of products for patients. The most common are:

  • liquid dosage forms (emulsions, drops, solutions, syrups, etc.),
  • semi-solid dosage forms (gels, creams, ointments, pastes, etc.),
  • solid dosage forms (suppositories, globules, capsules, tablets).

Department of preparation of sterile drugs

For patients, we prepare sterile medicinal products intended mainly for parenteral administration (infusion, injection) or administration to the eye (eye drops and water).

The preparation takes place in classroom clean rooms by trained professional staff under strictly aseptic conditions. The premises and the preparation process undergo regular validation and inspection to ensure the highest quality of sterile or pyrogen-free product.

You can find contact information for the given workplaces in the section Organizational structure.