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Urinary tract

Recommended regime measures:

  • increase the intake of fluids to flush out unwanted bacteria, urological or cranberry teas, non-mineralized water, unsweetened drinks are suitable,
  • wear suitable underwear,
  • urinate after sexual intercourse,
  • avoid cold, keep warm and wear warm clothes,
  • use preparations (teas, syrups,…) containing cranberries, licorice, vitamin C and preparations containing bacterial lysates and enzymes.

Improper wiping after use is one of the common ways to transmit infection.

Treatment in adults


  • herbal drops or capsules containing a combination of pinene, camphene, cineole, fenchon, borneol, anethole (from 6 years of age),
  • cranberry extract,
  • D-mannose.

Treatment in children

In children, it is advisable to see a doctor immediately at the first signs of infection.