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Treatment of pain in children

Always consult a pediatrician for any pain, preferably by telephone; in the event of worsening pain and other symptoms, call an ambulance immediately or see your pediatrician. In children, their health can deteriorate rapidly, there is no need to wait unnecessarily.

Make a list of the foods your child has been consuming for the last hours / day for the doctor, and a list of drinks and medicines you have given him / her. Think about the possible cause of the pain (tooth growth, bloating).

  • From birth, the active substance paracetamol can be given to children.
  • From the age of six years, the active substance ibuprofen can also be given to children. Always only in the dosage recommended in the package leaflet or after consultation with a pediatrician.
  • Dosage forms (syrup, suppositories) can be alternated.